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This web site was started in 2007, and is mainly centered around our fishing forum. Unlike most fishing forums on the Internet, our forum membership is via invitation only. The reason we decided to use that format is because so many of the larger fishing forums on the Internet are overwhelming. We decided we would enjoy a format with a family atmosphere. Our membership consists of people who live in Florida and Georgia, and just about all of us know each other, as we try and fish togther as often as possible. We have members who enjoy surf fishing, kayak fishing, pier fishing, flats fishing in small boats, and occasionally fresh water fishing. Some of our members are experienced salt water fishermen, and others are new to fishing.

You are invited to browse our forums (link at the top of the page) although as a guest you will not be able to post messages, or view our Fishing Reports section, which at this time contains over 2,000 reports with lots of pictures from fishing trips in Florida and Georgia.

The purpose of our forum is to share fishing reports, tips, articles, how to's, and anything else about fishing with people who love to fish as much as we do. If you are new to saltwater fishing or new to the area, we'd be happy to help you get started.

Our goal for our forum is to keep it fun. Our other goal is to keep the members local - Florida and Georgia - so that we can get together for fishing and social events, and get to know each other on a personal basis.

If you have any questions regarding this web site, or if you live in Florida or Georgia and are interested in joining our forum, please send an email to fishbonz AT southernsurffishing.com and introduce yourself. Please include your location. Thanks, and good fishing.

If you are looking for general information on surf fishing in NE Florida, we'd suggest that you also check our other fishing web site Amelia-Island-Fishing.Com.

Have questions about Florida or Georgia surf fishing?

Consider joining us on our FORUM where you can discuss fishing with other local fishermen.

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